We Mine and Export Best Quality Lithium Ore and Industrial Minerals

Welcome to Tally Mineral Resources Ltd.

Tally Mineral Resources Limited is a mining company incorporated in LAGOS, Nigeria with Registration Number 779671 under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as a Mining & Exploration, Mineral processing and export company.  It was registered on 17 Oct 2008.
We are into exploration, processing, exporting and supplying of minerals such as lithum ore. Barite, Cassiterite.

We have high quality of Lithium Ore Spodumene (from 3% – 7%) and Lepidolite ore (2% – 4%) after lab test confirmation. 2/2.5 kuzite also available

Our management team has proven track record of experience in all areas of mineral resource development including exploration, equipment acquisition, permitting, operations, construction, commissioning, mine reclamation and closure.
We are committed to provide maximum satisfaction to the clients with finest products and prompt services. Moreover, we make these minerals available to the clients at highly competitive rates, grounded on the principles of honesty and fairness.

Our mining site is located at Ogbagada of Awo village, Egbedore Local Government, Awo Osun State, Nigeria.

Lithium is a chemical element with symbol Li and atomic number 3. It is a soft, silvery-white alkali metal and is the highest solid metal. Lithium is commonly used in the production of batteries, ceramics, glass and other industrial applications.


Lithium mining is the process of extracting lithium from underground deposit. Lithium is commonly found in pegmatite formations which are rich in feldspar, mica and quartz. The process of extracting lithium from these formations involves a combination of drilling, blasting and the use of chemical process to extract the metal.
There is increasing interest in Nigeria (especially South West) region due to the large deposits of pegmatite’s and other lithium –rich formations.
As the demand for lithium continues to grow due to its use in batteries for electric vehicles and other applications, the potential for profitable lithium mining operations in Nigeria is becoming increasingly attraction interestingly; Nigeria has significant lithium reserves, and has already attracted interest from foreign companies looking to invest in Nigeria.
As an interested investor in lithium and other solid minerals: “TALLY MINERAL RESOURCES LIMITED, is licensed as a mining exploration company.



Our Lithium mining includes Lepidolites, Spodumene and Kunzite with the best quality materials.


We mine and process high quality Barite.


We mine and process high quality Cassiterite

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